Saturday, June 02, 2012

Spring Soccer

Not only did Ethan play a lot of baseball, he also played a mean game of soccer.  It combined two of his favorite activities: running and kicking!

Ethan was focused on the field and was great at getting the ball out of the group... 

...and then making a break for the goal! 

 He loved getting the opportunity for corner kicks

It was a great season - a bit hot outside, but still great!  Ethan scored a lot of goals and loved every minute of it.  Way to go, son!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Graduation Weekend

Here at the end of the school year, it was time for a couple of big transitions in the family: Graduation!

First, Auntie graduated from A&M - the last Henry girl to finish college!  Ethan and Kinley joined the family in College Station to yell and cheer when Auntie walked the stage.  And with all of the family there, there were plenty of photo opportunities:

Ethan and Kinley outside of Reed Arena with MawMaw

Ethan with Mimi after the ceremony

Ethan Bradley went behind the camera to take a few shots.  Great pic of Auntie and Big Ethan!

 CC, Auntie, and Mommy with their "gig'em"s!

After celebrating Aunties big day, it was back to Cypress for Ethan's pre-school graduation.  We are so proud of our "smart cookie"!

Ethan decorated his self-portrait that was on display for the graduation ceremony.

Waiting to go across the stage!

Nonnie and Poppy with the Smart Cookie

 Grandma and Grandpa pose with the graduate too!

We are so proud of our son!  He had a great time and pre-school and we can't believe that he's getting big enough to start elementary school.  He's excited for August, but for now we're going to enjoy the summer before we begin our next big step!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

More Magic!

We woke up early Thursday morning to catch the characters ride in on the train and open up the park.  Too bad we didn't realize that Magic Kingdom opened early on Thursdays and we totally missed it.  Rather than staying bummed, we took advantage of being at the park early!

 Good morning, Castle!
 Poppy and Nonnie outside of the rose garden
 We all road Buzz Lightyear and here's a shot of Brad and Ethan riding the game.  Serious concentration from both boys
 First character sighting, Stitch

Our next stop was Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary Hotel.  We had so much fun hanging out with the characters and eating a delicious breakfast buffet.

 Ethan's favorite was the Mickey waffles

 So sweet!

It was time to celebrate another guest's birthday, so everyone danced around, waving napkins.  Kinley loved the dancing, but Pluto got a little too close in this picture.  Thank goodness Poppy was close by to keep her safe.

Back to the Magic Kingdom!

We got there just in time for a parade!  Haha, we love those things!  Hi, Baloo!

And, we got to meet Ariel and Prince Eric!  Since The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie, I couldn't help but join in on the fun :)

And Ariel gave Ethan a kiss on the cheek.  I thought it was adorable; he was embarassed.
Another flight with Dumbo

After the Goofy rollercoaster, Dumbo, a trip around the park on the train, the speedway, and a snack in there too, it was time for dinner.  We packed sandwiches since we knew our brunch with Mickey and his gang would be a great, big meal for the day.  Mom read up and found out there was a show happening at dinnertime.  It was perfect!
Lots of magic

This next group of pictures is the best.  I love how happy we all were and it was great not to ask Ethan to smile for pictures the entire trip.  Kinley said "Cheese" all the time and thought picture time was the best.   

 Photographer Ethan wanted us to be silly
 My favorite picture, hands down.  You can see how genuinely happy Ethan was and Kinley Rae showing off her darling Minnie shoes that Nonnie knew she needed for our trip.  
 Ethan requested another silly pose
 Our last ride on It's A Small World.  We looked for hidden Mickeys and found all three.

Thursday night we ended up splitting up because:
a.  We had been up super early to catch the characters come in (oops)
b.  Kinley was DONE
c.  Ethan had a meltdown that he had to see the electrical light's parade again, for the third time
d.  Brad and I weren't really ready to leave the Magic Kingdom either

So, awesome Nonnie and Poppy took Kinley Rae back and Ethan, Brad, and I hung out for another couple of hours.
 Can you tell how excited he was?!  I know, you can't see his eyes or his beautiful smile, but you can still tell
 Leaving the park, so sweet

So, we tried the character opening again and made it!  Nonnie stayed back and let Kinley Rae sleep in.  Sidenote:  When we planned the trip, we were only going to go to the parks for four days due to cost of the tickets and we wanted to give our kids days to rest in between.  Can you tell how well that worked out?  Yep, we spent 6 days at parks (if you include the first night we got there and spent about 3 hours at Magic) and only one day off.  We found a great deal on Park Hopper tickets and couldn't get enough of Mickey or those smiles our kids kept showing us.  

 Because Disney recently bought Marvel, they wrapped one of the monorails in the Avengers crew.  Ethan LOVED it.
 Mornin' Pal!

 Our last monorail trip was to Epcot and look which train we got!

 Super cute area at Epcot with Nemo stuff - we hung out there for a few hours

 lunch at the aquarium - great view of sea turtles, sharks, etc.

 Photographer Ethan!  I love this picture, just wish E was in it
Every time we let Ethan take pictures, he loves it.  But, we have pictures of us getting posed and standing up, too.  Not showing those!

 Epcot had the Flower and Garden Festival going on while we were there; it was beautiful!

 Taking a break and letting the kids play!  Both needed some unstructured time.

 The monorail goes through Epcot, pretty cool
 Hidden Mickeys!

And we had to tell everyone Bye!  Here we are with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Goofy, and Chip-N-Dale.  Ethan got an awesome souvenir out of the whole thing!


M-I-C-----See ya real soon!
K-E-Y-----Why?  Because we love you!